A House and Dance Music event for the people

Coming soon, the first Faith In Strangers, a House and Dance music event for a cause. Raising money to fight for marginalized voices, voices of those that make up our dance floors. Created to stand in solidarity with our LGTBQ+ family, our people of color, and the rights of women, we're aiming to cultivate an inclusive community that can give back after the music is over.  

With your help, we want to have a night where we can celebrate life, where we can work through the world's hardships as one,  and where we can create a better world together, long after we leave the club.  

Faith in Strangers will be celebrating dance music and culture with a myriad of artists that represent dance's different reach, as varied as the walks of life on our dance floors. A portion of each ticket sold will be going to our current cause, working to heal current rifts affecting our communities rights. The cause will be listed in advance for any of our guests to donate or give to. We can't wait to see your faces on our floors.  

Take care of one another, let's have Faith In Strangers.